Eurovinil, also known and recognised by the blue and white logo "EV", was established in 1958 and is a leading brand in Italy in the research, design and production of inflatable items for the professional and leisure navigation and the Armed Forces.

Safety, technology and quality are the distinguishing features of the EV brand.

In 1984 EV got the AQAP-1 certification for the quality management in the military sector and in 1989 the ISO 9001 certificate (currently ISO 9001:2000) designed for the civil marine sector.

The EV portfolio encompasses a wide range of products destined for a variety of different markets : liferafts for the Armed Forces and the professional and leisure navigation industries, products for the Civil Protection market such as pneumatic structures and an assortment of items for the industrial market. Most famous are the rapid Deployment Shelters and Air Beam Shelters used in collective protection, disaster relief and military applications.